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   Since 2011, SDM Precision Technology Group has invested for several factories and sales companies. Until 2018, SDM has owned one precision factory, one precision technology factory and two sales companies. At the same time, SDM has several strategic collaborative factories. SDM now focuses on precision machining, precision turning and the R&D and manufacturing of the related precision components.Our products are popularly used in the Automotive, Truck, High-speed train, Industrial applications, Electronics, Tele-communication, etc.. The raw material includes high hardness steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, beryllium copper and aluminum alloy.

   In order to keep good competence, SDM has set up good collaboration with the word-class universities like HUST in China and EPFL in Switzerland. In Changzhou and Frankfurt, SDM has its own sales company for the after-service for the customers in Asia Pacific and Europe Union. SDM plans to set up more sales companies and factories following the development of our world-class customers in different areas in the future years.    Based on the world wide manufacturing and service network, based on SDM professional mananger team, Engineering and technical team, R&D team and collaborative universities and laboratories, SDM will supply professional, quality and high precision mechanical metal products and compoments.


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